Building the carton packaging

factory of the future

Building the carton ecosystem of the future

Over the years, through endogenous development and epitaxial mergers and acquisitions, we have formed an ecological layout with intelligent corrugation, enterprise management, intelligent logistics and intelligent warehousing as the core.
At present, Jiapeng and its subsidiaries are developing in a coordinated manner, with business in more than 20 countries around the world and more than 1,300 sets of equipment to create value for global customers. Through the integrated management of the company and the strengthening of collaboration, the company's business promotes each other and develops together, forming a highly competitive ecosystem advantage.

  • Production line
    control system

  • Production
    control system

  • Intelligent
    production line

  • High speed 1
    ply corrugated
    dry-end equipment

  • Whole
    factory intelligent

  • Intelligent

  • ERP

Intelligent Equipment

Digitalization construction

Enterprise management

Intelligent paper
factory solution

Supplier of intelligent paper packaging equipment

Domestic lead of corrugated control system

Complete sales and service scheme

Profound career experience

Prime customers choice

Service of intelligent corrugated production line

Leader of intelligent corrugated production line

Possess multiple core patents

Self research and development, self process and self produce

Cost performance in comparison with same level

1 ply corrugated production line expert

Ybars of production experience

Professional management team

Complete production system

Quality insure

Digital construction supplier

More than 20 years enterprise management experience

Bring in artificial intelligent individuals

More than 10 successful digital fectory cases

Professional engineers

Professional consultation
Jiapeng Company's expert team will tailor a suitable, cost-effective, and practical investment plan and complete factory solution for your paper packaging equipment needs. We aim to provide you with an intelligent, efficient, stable, and reliable production system that is highly competitive, helping you upgrade your business and achieve long-term returns.
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