Consulting Planning

Consulting Planning

Consulting and planning

Provide you with professional whole plant planning services
Professional consultation
Jiapeng expert team will tailor a suitable, affordable and applicable paper packaging equipment investment plan and whole plant solution for you, help you establish a set of intelligent, efficient, stable, reliable and highly competitive production system, help business upgrading, and achieve long-term returns.
Know your opponents
We will assist you in investigating competitors' order structure, equipment status, automation level, production, business, etc., within a radius of 50 km around the factory
Know yourself
According to your current equipment capacity, order structure, plant area/height, customer distance and other factors
According to the collected information, the whole plant is planned, including equipment configuration, logistics and transportation routes, and the most competitive production system is tailored for you
Investment Plans
You can add or decrease the configuration in the solutions we provide according to the investment budget; In addition, we also provide you with equipment replacement or new equipment financial leasing services
Whole plant plannin
The professional team will plan the base paper warehouse, corrugated equipment, printing equipment, conveying area, finishing area, office area, and employee living area through your order volume, production capacity, ground shape, plant area, delivery radius and vehicle volume and other factors.
Based on our calculations based on the cases we have implemented, this kind of planning will help you increase production capacity and reduce operating costs.

Factory Floor Area

Production Capacity

Ground Shape

Order Quantit

Delivery Radius

Vehicle Capacity

Whole plant

Raw Paper Warehouse

Printing Equipment

Corrugated Equipment

Cardboard Logistic

Office Area

Conveying Area

Digital Configuration

Sorting Area

Staff Living Are

Professional consultation
Jiapeng Company's expert team will tailor a suitable, cost-effective, and practical investment plan and complete factory solution for your paper packaging equipment needs. We aim to provide you with an intelligent, efficient, stable, and reliable production system that is highly competitive, helping you upgrade your business and achieve long-term returns.
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