Talent Strategy

Talent Strategy

Talent strategy

to maximize the value of employees

Walk with the wise

Jiapeng walks with the wise, and has gathered a large number of technical and management elites in the corrugated packaging industry with industry advantages and enterprise development prospects, becoming a leader in the same industry. Jiapeng provides a broad development platform, competitive treatment and training opportunities for talents who are interested in joining the corrugated packaging equipment industry.

We respect the value of people, provide a relaxed environment, attach importance to people's potential, and provide talents with competitive salaries and broad development prospects, as well as various training opportunities. We look forward to witnessing the rapid development of the corrugated packaging industry with you on the platform of Jiapeng, writing the answer sheet of the times together, and building the future paper packaging ecosystem.

Talent strategy

Introduce high-potential, international talents

Talent development strategy :introduction, recruitment, self-training, targeted training, encourage self-learning; Pay attention to the potential and international vision of introducing talents.

Actively introduce industry elites, high-end talents in various fields, returnee talents, 985, 211 efficient and outstanding fresh graduates;

Set up offices in major cities to attract outstanding talents from first-tier cities to join.

Accelerate talent empowerment

Acceleration mechanism :pre-job training + development and promotion training;

Project training :use big projects to train people, achieve people, and create opportunities for talents;

Learning-Xi organization :Create safety and management qualification training, and the company arranges employees to participate and obtain relevant qualification certificates.

Perfect qualification system, position management sequence, post value evaluation system, dual-channel promotion and development system;

Talent inventory :Regularly carry out accurate talent inventory, identify key talents, and provide special training support;

Competitive compensation and development platform

Meritocracy, job rotation, step promotion, dual-track job qualifications, power delegation, and exceptional promotion;

Improve short-term incentives, medium and long-term incentives, equity and other incentive measures to motivate employees to create more value for the enterprise and achieve a win-win situation for the enterprise and employees.

Wise men walk together


Wise men walk together

In the face of high-end customers in the industry, Jiapeng selects high-potential talents with strong innovation ability, strong problem-solving ability, strong Xi learning ability and high comprehensive quality;

Morality first

Identifying with Jiapeng's corporate culture and having consistent values is the primary premise of Jiapeng's employment. We choose employees with both ability and political integrity, and put morality first.

Make the best use of your talents

Let employees do their jobs and do their best. In Jiapeng, the company creates various job opportunities for employees to exercise and grow, so that capable employees can come out, and the value of creation is based on position and development.

Talent empowerment

Excellence can be cultivated, competitiveness comes from continuous learning Xi and innovation, fast transformation of learning, accelerated empowerment, accurate personalized training, and empowerment of employees when they are most needed.

Our view of work

We advocate a working atmosphere of "simplicity, efficiency, trust, democracy and integration", so that employees can be physically and mentally healthy, enjoy their work, get happiness and value from their work, and achieve real success.

  • Our view of work
  • Our view of work

Working environment

Jiapeng's new factory is located at No. 666, Yanyun Road, Linjiang Street, Qiantang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, 40 minutes' drive from Xiaoshan International Airport, which is convenient for office travel, business and leisure. Trust, democracy, integration", employees are physically and mentally healthy, enjoy their work, get happiness and value embodiment from their work, and achieve real success.

  • Working environment
  • Working environment
  • Working environment
Together for the future

Together for the future

Jiapeng shares look forward to becoming a great company,
Looking forward to creating a better future with you!

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