R&D Team

R&D Team


R&D team at the forefront of science and technology

The R&D team led by a number of industrial automation and software engineers has repeatedly overcome technical problems, broken the monopoly of European and American technologies, mastered a series of industry-leading technologies, and ranked among the best in the same industry in China. After nearly 20 years of development, after nearly 20 years of development, we have established an excellent R&D team integrating professionals in mechanical design, electrical design, PLC control, software control, artificial intelligence and big data algorithms.

R&D team at the forefront of science and technology
32 +
32 R&D technicians
15 +
15 National invention patent
35 +
Utility model patents
123 +
123 Software Copyright

We have independently invented 15 national invention patents and 35 utility model patents, including the Tile Wire Control System, Production Management System, High-precision Motion Control Algorithm, Multi-axis Synchronization Control Technology, CD High-speed Bus Technology, Laser Detection Technology, and several innovative designs in mechanical structures.

Excellent R&D capabilities


Based on the integration of control, production, fault warning, and remote service, the production theory of intelligence/efficiency/stability/reliability


Based on an in-house automated conveyor concept for production or warehousing

Original R&D theory and system

Based on the active storage theory of base paper, cardboard and carton warehousing and warehousing


Intelligent processing theory based on massive data collection, analysis, feedback and calculation in all links of the whole plant

Core technology

Break the monopoly of European and American technology and master core technology

Professional consultation
Jiapeng Company's expert team will tailor a suitable, cost-effective, and practical investment plan and complete factory solution for your paper packaging equipment needs. We aim to provide you with an intelligent, efficient, stable, and reliable production system that is highly competitive, helping you upgrade your business and achieve long-term returns.
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