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National High-Tech Company
Specialized Refined Innovative

Focus on corrugated industry
insist on technique research and development.

Jia Peng is a national high-tech enterprise and a specialized enterprise in Zhejiang Province that was one of the early participants in the corrugated industry,
providing comprehensive intelligent equipment solutions. After years of development,
it has achieved breakthroughs in the field of corrugated equipment.

17 +
17 years corrugated
1300 +
1300 set equipment
and system
15 +
15 National invention
35 +
35 Utility model
123 +
123 Software Copyright

Jiapeng shares

Provider of intelligent equipment and solutions for paper and paper packaging

A leading service provider of corrugated control system in China
Complete sales and service system
Profound industry experience accumulation, efficient and stable team
Have high-quality customer resources

Zongheng Intelligent

Intelligent corrugated service provider

A leader in intelligent corrugated wire equipment
Master a number of core technologies
Independent research and development, processing and production
It has the advantage of cost-effective at the same level

Yuli Intelligent

Single-watt cardboard production line manufacturing expert

It has many years of experience in the production of two-layer single-watt lines
Professional management team
Perfect manufacturing system
Superior quality assurance

Lipeng Technology

A whole plant digital solution service provider in the paper packaging industry

The founding team members have more than 20 years of management
experience in the paper packaging industry
More than 10 successful cases of digital construction of the whole plant
Professional engineer implementation team

Self-developed and self-produced
mastering the core technology

It has a core R&D team composed of a number of experienced technicians, 173 independent intellectual property rights and many honorary qualifications,
self-built R&D centers and modern workshops, and product quality and performance and indicators benchmarking products
from overseas developed countries, safety, stability, reliability and efficiency can meet international standards.

Intelligent Dry-end
High level of intelligence, able to adapt to more diverse and complex orders for efficient production.
High speed single face Dry-end
A 500mm single tile line with a cutting speed of up to 200m/min
Erp Management system
Integrated management system throughout the entire process, achieving seamless management of various business processes, improving data transmission efficiency and accuracy
Cardboard conveyor logistics
Powerful AI algorithms ensure that it can automatically meet the production speeds of different tile lines/printing machines to achieve effective and accurate transportation and distribution of cardboard/boxes.
Automatic Feeder
20 seconds per stack, one device saves two people
Intelligent stacking system
Automatic alignment and size correction, saving 2-3 people
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Jiapeng is committed to technological innovation
Push corrugated packaging towards Industry 4.0

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