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Exceed your expectations

Pre-sales consultation

Jiapeng team will tailor a suitable, affordable and applicable paper packaging equipment investment plan and whole plant solution for you,
Help you establish an intelligent, efficient, stable, reliable and highly competitive production system to help you upgrade your business and achieve long-term returns.

Know your opponents
We will assist you in investigating competitors' order structure, equipment status, automation level, production, business, etc., within a radius of 50 km around the factory
Know yourself
According to your current equipment capacity, order structure, plant area/height, customer distance and other factors
According to the collected information, the whole plant is planned, including equipment configuration, logistics and transportation routes, and the most competitive production system is tailored for you
Investment Plans
You can add or decrease the configuration in the solutions we provide according to the investment budget; In addition, we also provide you with equipment replacement or new equipment financial leasing services

In-sale service

What we do, more than you could ask for.

The equipment we provide is known for its high intelligence, stability, reliability and safety, and is produced and assembled in strict accordance with European and American standards, with an error of ≤ 0.1mm, which has extremely strict standards for on-site installation and commissioning.
The professional installation team is responsible for the precision installation, and the installation acceptance needs to meet the Jiapeng standard
Professional and technical personnel carry out debugging, including raw pipe connection, ERP connection, high/low gram weight production commissioning, etc
Professional and technical personnel are responsible for helping customers systematically train equipment operators, including safety, operation specifications, emergency handling, etc

After-sales service

Respond quickly

7X24 hours response

For customers, 24/7 security

On-site service

During special time periods, on-site services are provided according to needs, on-site inspection and maintenance, to ensure rapid response during special periods, and timely handling of equipment failures

On-site repairs

Unavoidable malfunction, prompt and timely response, providing on-site service in the first place.

Remote maintenance

Through the remote server, provide remote technical support and equipment troubleshooting

Proactive maintenance

Preventative maintenance

Maximize equipment utilization

System upgrades

Free upgrades for specific systems or software, and according to the situation to develop customer further development and transformation plans

Spare parts supply

Ensuring the storage and supply of commonly used spare parts.

Technical training

We provide training for customers on updates of system or software to ensure their knowledge of operation is up to date.

Professional consultation
Jiapeng Company's expert team will tailor a suitable, cost-effective, and practical investment plan and complete factory solution for your paper packaging equipment needs. We aim to provide you with an intelligent, efficient, stable, and reliable production system that is highly competitive, helping you upgrade your business and achieve long-term returns.
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